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  • Ayanna Albertson

Love letter for Black Folks: Processing #StopAsianHate & other POC movements against White Terrorism

The black community is hurt and hurting. We have a justifiable rage. We have a chip on our shoulder for constantly having to be the bigger people. For always being told/forced to forgive. It’s exhausting. I get it. I feel it.

So naturally, when other communities are going through it, we aren’t quick to offer a hand. We are apprehensive to give voice to their plight. Especially when that community contributes to our pain, consciously or subconsciously. I get it.

It is not our job to dismantle racism. It is not our job to find solutions to the deep-rooted hate for black and brown people in this country. We literally can not. That is, by origin, the white man’s problem & thus, the white man’s problem to fix.

When other communities of color are targets of white supremacy, white entitlement, and white terrorism, it is hard to know what we can do to help them when we’re still trying to help ourselves. But I beg, at minimum, we can stand with them, simply out of empathy.

As heavy of a burden it is to carry, we’re who people look to “to do something” bc we are, in fact, powerful. Liberation for one, is NOT liberation for all in many cases. Every fight will be unique. Every fight will be exhausting. But every fight is necessary.

Our weakness is not our “big hearts”. It is not our compassion. It is not our ability to be long-suffering. It’s our lack of boundaries, accountability, & consequence. We must set them (boundaries), tell others when they cross them, & inflict consequence as a result that disrupts their way of life, their money & their conveniences. (ex. Montgomery Bus Boycott. (1955), Boycott of Atlanta Exxon (2020), etc.)

Two things can be true. We can be fighting for others and in a battle of our own. We can show empathy and hold the community we’re caring for accountable for how they’ve harmed us. We can teach and learn at the same time. We can stand in solidarity & acknowledge our differences.

I don’t have it all figured out but I do want to offer perspective. I love us. I will always fight for the liberation & advancement of black folks. We are owed so much. Some won’t receive this & thats ok. Take it in strides. It’s a lot. I love you & am rooting for you, still.

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