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Ayanna Albertson-Gay

Who she is.

Ayanna Albertson-Gay is a multi-hyphenate artist from North Carolina. From early childhood, Ayanna has enjoyed the art of storytelling through poetry, singing, writing, and performance theatre.

Ayanna earned her BA in Broadcast Journalism, further investing into her passion of writing.

Participating in various local and national poetry competitions, Ayanna uses her gift of words to impact, empower, and inspire others.

In April 2021, Ayanna was crowned the #1 woman slam poet in the world at the Women of the World Poetry Slam in Dallax, TX.

Ayanna leverages her communication and creative writing skills to promote equity and justice through critical, yet unconventional storytelling. Ayanna is a creative force, dedicated to creating meaningful impact and amplifying the voices of marginalized communities.

Ayanna's motto for her life's work is "I don't wish to be famous, I just want to be heard".

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