Ayanna Albertson

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Ayanna Albertson is a writer and spoken word poet from North Carolina. From early childhood, Ayanna has enjoyed the art of storytelling through poetry, singing, writing, and performance theatre.

In 2015, Ayanna earned her BA in broadcast journalism, further investing into her passion for creative writing. Ayanna is a part of the Bull City Slam team and has participated in various local and national poetry competitions using her gift of words to impact, empower, and inspire others.

She’s been crowned a 3x Bull City Grand Slam Champion, and was ranked 2nd best woman slam poet in the world (March 2020). Dedicated to her work and development, knowing there was only one higher placement she could achieve, Ayanna competed again in the Women of the World Poetry Slam in April 2021, where she was crowned the #1 woman slam poet in the world.

In her spare time, Ayanna enjoys eating, singing, dancing, TikTok, and making people laugh.

Ayanna is very passionate about a(rt)dvocacy work, including women’s rights and the advancement of and liberation for black people. It is her desire to amplify the black experience as a means to spark conversation, promote awareness, and evoke change. Ayanna's motto for her life's work is "I don't wish to be famous, I just want to be heard".

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